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White Rodgers Furnace Circuit Control Board Panel HSI

White Rodgers Furnace Circuit Control Board Panel HSI


CBX56 001-U3
Price: $129.99

Product Description

You are looking at a NEW IN THE BOX White Rodgers 50E47-843 Universal Replacement Carbide Non Integrated Hot Surface Ignition ( HSI ) Furnace Control Module. This Module replaces all the circuit boards listed below

Universal Silicon Carbide Non-Integrated Replacement Module With Variable Timing, Replaces 50E47-50, 50E47-60, 50E47-70, 50E47-140, 50E47-150, 50E47-160, 50E47 -170, 50E47-130. The 50E47-843 Universal Kit has everything needed for a fast and accurate replacement, including a complete module cross-reference and program keys to quickly customize the module to the furnace application.
White-Rodgers, a leader in furnace ignition technology, was the first manufacturer to incorporate a microcomputer-controlled primary safety control circuit to power a silicon carbide ignitor while using flame rectification. Now comes the 50E47-843 Universal Replacement for silicon carbide, non-integrated HSI modules. The 50E47-843 Universal replaces ALL White-Rodgers 50E47-xxx modules and virtually all competitive silicon carbide, non-integrated modules. The 50E47-843 Universal Kit has everything needed for a fast and accurate replacement, including a complete module cross-reference and program keys to quickly customize the module to the furnace application. Now you can carry one Universal KitÂ… and carry the best!
50E47/50F47-1 THRU 79, 50E47/50F47-101 THRU 179, 50E47/50F47-201 THRU 279, 50E47/50F47-301 THRU 379
S89C 1004, S89C 1012, S89C 1046, S89C 1087, S89C 1103, S89D 1002, S89G 1005, S89G 1013, S89G 1021, S89G 1047, S89H 1003, S89H 1011, S89H 1029, S89J 1008, S890C 1007, S890D 1006, S890G 1003, S890G 1011, S890G 1029, S890G 1037, S890H 1002, S890H 1010, S890H 1028
HS780-17NL-104A, HS780-17NL-106A, HS780-17NL-108A,HS780-17NL-304A, HS780-17NL-306A, HS780-17NL-308A, HS780-17NR-104A, HS788-17NR-104A, HS780-17NR-106A, HS780-17NR-108A, HS780-17NR-304A, HS780-17NR-306A, HS780-17NR-308A, HS780-17NR-312A, HS780-17PL-106A, HS780-17PL-108A, HS780-17PL-304A, HS780-17PL-306A, HS780-17PL-308A, HS780-17PR-104A, HS780-17PR-108A, HS780-17PR-306A, HS780-34NL-106A, HS780-34NL-108A, HS780-34NL-304A, HS780-34NL-306A, HS780-34NL-308A, HS780-34NL-312A, HS780-34NR-104A, HS780-34NR-106A, HS780-34NR-304A, HS780-34NR-306A, HS780-34NR-308A, HS780-34NR-312A, HS780-34PL-104A, HS780-34PL-106A, HS780-34PL-108A, HS780-34PL-304A, HS780-34PL-306A, HS780-34PL-308A, HS780-34PR-106A, HS780-34PR-108A, HS780-34PR-304A, HS780-34PR-306A, HS780-34PR-308A
Replaces Ignition Control Module Part Numbers:

C6411101 R156739 HQ1001346WR 02525436000 025-25436-000 02525436700 025-25436-700 02525436701 025-25436-701 025-25457-000 025-25464-000 1001346 10C369 1380677 1380694 21B138259PXX 37-4836A 37-4836B 37-48368 3XA74 50D4740 50D47-40 50E47 50E47-060 50E47-070 50E47-130 50E47-140 50E47-150 50E47-160 50E47-170 50E47-30 50E47-40 50E4750 50E47-50 50E47-60 50E4770 50E47-70 50E47-843 50E47-850 50E47-851 50F4760 50F47-60 510-811-477 52537078000 525-37078-000 52537079000 525-37079-000 867778821 867778821 B1U100K948BC BLU100K948B0 CAR4E956 CAR50E47843. P2UDD16P07601C CNT03794 CNT3794 CNT-3794 F50E47-050 F50E47-150 F50E47-170 F50E47-50 KIT02119 KIT2119 KIT-2119 37-4836B 37-4836A CNT01316 KIT2119 KIT02119 KIT-2119 21B138259PXX 50E47-150 F50E47-150 F0E47-160 F50E47-050 50E47-170 50E47-850 50E47-070 50E47-851 1380694 1380677 867778821 50D47-140 025-25436-000 025-25436-700 025-25464-000 025-25457-000 1001346 C6411102 CAR50E47843


Used in Amana Goodman Furnace Models:

GSI070B30B P1106702F GCC045B30A P9898501F GCC070B30A P9898502F GCC070B40A P9898503F GCC090B40A P9898504F GCC090B50A P9898505F GCC115B50A P9898506F GCI045C25A P9898209F GCI070C30A P9898210F GCI070C40A P9898211F GCI090C30A P9898212F GCI090C50A P9898213F GCI115A35 P6983206F P9811206F GCI115A35C P6983215F P9811214F GCI115A35CV P9811222F GCI115A50 P6983207F P9811207F GCI115A50C P6983216F P9811215F GCI115A50CV P9811223F GCI115B35A P9898206F GCI115B50A P9898207F GCI115C35A P9898214F GCI115C50A P9898215F GCI140A50 P6983209F P9811208F GCI140A50C P6983217F P9811216F GCI140A50CV P9811224F GCI140B50A P9898208F GCI140C50A P9898216F GCI45A25 P6983201F P9811201F GCI45A25C P6983210F P9811209F GCI45A25CV P9811217F GCI70A30 P6983202F P9811202F GCI70A30C P6983211F P9811210F GCI70A30CV P9811218F GCI70A40 P6983203F P9811203F GCI70A40C P6983212F P9811211F GCI70A40CV P9811219F GCI90A30 P6983204F P9811204F GCI90A30C P6983213F P9811212F GCI90A30CV P9811220F GCI90A50 P6983205F P9811205F GCI90A50C P9811213F GCI90A50CV P9811221F GCI90C50C P6983214F GHI115A35 P6983106F P6983124F GHI115A35C P6983115F P6983133F GHI115A35CV P6983142F GHI115A50 P6983107F P6983125F GHI115A50C P6983116F P6983134F GHI115A50CV P6983143F GHI140A35 P6983108F P6983126F GHI140A35C P6983117F P6983135F GHI140A35CV P6983144F GHI140A50 P6983109F P6983127F GHI140A50C P6983118F P6983136F GHI140A50CV P6983145F GHI45A25 P6983101F P6983119F GHI45A25C P6983110F P6983128F GHI45A25CV P6983137F GHI70A30 P6983102F P6983120F GHI70A30C P6983111F P6983129F GHI70A30CV P6983138F GHI70A40 P6983103F P6983121F GHI70A40C P6983112F P6983130F GHI70A40CV P6983139F GHI90A30 P6983104F P6983122F GHI90A30C P6983113F P6983131F GHI90A30CV P6983140F GHI90A50 P6983105F P6983123F GHI90A50C P6983114F P6983132F GHI90A50CV P6983141F GSI045B25A P9898301F GSI070B30A P9898302F GSI070B40A P9898303F GSI090B30A P9898304F GSI090B50A P9898305F GSI115A35 P6983306F P6983315F GSI115A50 P6983307F P6983316F GSI115B35A P9898306F GSI115B50A P9898307F GSI140A50 P6983309F P6983317F GSI140B50A P9898308F GSI45A25 P6983301F P6983310F GSI70A30 P6983302F P6983311F GSI70A40 P6983303F P6983312F GSI90A30 P6983304F P6983313F GSI90A50 P6983305F P6983314F GUC045B30A P9898401F GUC070B30A P9898402F GUC070B40A P9898403F GUC090B35A P9898404F GUC090B50A P9898405F GUC115B50A P9898406F GUI045B25A P9898101F GUI045C25A P9898110F GUI070B30A P9898102F GUI070B40A P9898103F GUI070C30A P9898111F GUI070C40A P9898112F GUI090B30A P9898104F GUI090B50A P9898105F GUI090C30A P9898113F GUI090C50A P9898114F GUI115B35A P9898106F GUI115B35B P1106306F P1158606F GUI115B50A P9898107F GUI115B50B P1106307F P1158607F GUI115C35A P9898115F GUI115C35B P1106406F P1158706F GUI115C50A P9898116F GUI115C50B P1106407F P1158707F GUI140B35A P9898108F GUI140B35B P1106308F P1158608F GUI140B50A P9898109F GUI140B50B P1106309F P1158609F GUI140C35A P9898117F GUI140C35B P1106408F P1158708F GUI140C50A P9898118F GUI140C50B P1106409F P1158709F GCC045B30B P1107001F GCC070B30B P1107002F GCC070B40B P1107003F GCC090B40B P1107004F GCC090B50B P1107005F GCC115B50B P1107006F GCI045B25B P1106501F GCI045C25B P1106601F GCI070B30B P1106502F GCI070B40B P1106503F GCI070C30B P1106602F GCI070C40B P1106603F GCI090B30B P1106504F GCI090B50B P1106505F GCI090C30B P1106604F GCI090C50B P1106605F GCI115B35B P1106506F GCI115B50B P1106507F GCI115C35B P1106606F GCI115C50B P1106607F GCI140B50B P1106508F GCI140C50B P1106608F GSI045B25B P1106701F GSI070B30B P1106702F GSI070B40B P1106703F GSI090B30B P1106704F GSI090B50B P1106705F GSI115B35B P1106706F GSI115B50B P1106707F GSI140B50B P1106708F GUC045B30B P1106901F GUC045B30C P1114301F GUC070B30B P1106902F GUC070B30C P1114302F GUC070B40B P1106903F GUC070B40C P1114303F GUC090B35B P1106904F GUC090B35C P1114304F GUC090B50B P1106905F GUC090B50C P1114305F GUC115B50B P1106906F GUC115B50C P1114306F GUI045B25B P1106301F P1158601F GUI045C25B P1106401F P1158701F GUI070B30B P1106302F P1158602F GUI070B40B P1106303F P1158603F GUI070C30B P1106402F P1158702F GUI070C40B P1106403F P1158703F GUI090B30AB P1106304F GUI090B30B P1158604F GUI090B50B P1106305F P1158605F GUI090C30B P1106404F P1158704F GUI090C50B P1106405F P1158705F GUI115B35B P1106306F P1158606F GUI115B50B P1106307F P1158607F GUI140B35B P1106308F P1158608F GUI140B50B P1106309F P1158609F

Used in Coleman York Furnace Models:

P2UDD10N05701A P1CCD12N06101A P1CCD12N06101B P1CCD12N06101C P1CCD12N06101D PCMU-LD12N095B P3UCD08N06101A PCMD-LD12L076B PCMDLD12L076B PCM0-L012N076B PCMO-L012N076B PBNU-LD20P100D PBNULD20P100D P1UCD16N01A P2UDD20N0501A P3UCD12N07601A P3UCD12N077601APCMU PBNU-LD10N060D GUG094A012IN P2UDD16P11401C PCMU-LD08N076B.

Used in American Standard Trane Furnace Models:

TUD080B942A0 TUX080B942A1 TUD080B942A0 TUS100B948A0 TUS100B948AO.

Used in Coleman, York Furnace Models:

P3CCD12N06101A PBNU-LD12P080A PBNULD12P080A P3UCD20M09101A P3UCD20N09101A GUA100A016AIN GUC115B50B PBNU-lD20P140D.

Used in Intercity Procucts, Comfortmaker, ICP, Heil, Models:
GUA100A016AIN, NUGS100AH01, GUC115B50B, GUG094A016IN.

NRGF30DDB02 GUGO70A012IN GUD060A014-IM NULR100DH03 876.779432 NUGS100AH01 GUD040A012AIM GUD100A020AIN GUD40A012AIN GUD60A014AIN GUD80A016AIN GUG047A008IN GUG070A008IN GUG070A012IN GUG094A012IN GUG094A016IN GUG117A016IN GUG117A020IN GUH060A012IL GUH060A012IN GUH075A012IL GUH075A012IN GUH100A016IL GUH100A016IN GUH125A016IL GUH125A016IN GUH125A020IL GUH125A020IN GUD100A020AIN GUD40A012AIN GUD60A014AIN GUD80A016AIN GUG047A008IN GUG070A008IN GUG070A012IN GUG094A012IN GUG094A016IN GUG117A016IN GUG117A020IN GUH060A012IL GUH060A012IN GUH075A012IL GUH075A012IN GUH100A016IL GUH100A016IN GUH125A016IL GUH125A016IN GUH125A020IL GUH125A020IN GUG07A012IN NULK100DH03 867.779432 GDA060A012A GDA060A012AIM GDA080A012A GDA080A012AIM GDA080A016A GDA080A016AIM GDA100A016A GDA100A016AIM GDA100A020A GDA100A020AIM GDA120A020A GDA120A020AIM GDE045A008AIM GDE067A012AIM GDE090A012AIM GDE090A016AIM GDE113A016AIM GDE113A020AIM GDE135A020AIM GUA040A010AIN GUA060A012AIN GUA080A012AIN GUA080A016AIN GUA100A016AIN GUA100A020AIN GUA120A016AIN GUA120A020AIN GUD60A014AIN GUD80A016AIN GUF17520B GUF20032B GUG047A008IN GUG070A008IN GUG070A012IN GUG094A012IN GUG094A016IN GUG117A016IN GUG117A020IN GUG141A020IN P1106304F GUI090B30B GUI09B30B

Used in American Standard Trane Furnace Model:

TUD120A960A0 BLU120K948B1 BLU12OK948B1 TDC080B942A1 TDCO8OB942A1 TUD080B942A0 TUDO80B942AO TUS120B960A0 BLU120K948B1 BLU12OK948B1

Replaces Ignition Control Module Part Numbers:

IGM3776A CNT1176 CNT01176 CNT1176 CNT1354 CNT01354 CNT01176 CNT03716 CNT3716 CNT03776 CARCNT3776

This is a Brand New Circuit Board!! It DOES WORK! IT DOES NOT COME WITH ANY WARRANTIES!! Bid at your own risk. Unfortunately, due to the possibility of someone wiring it wrong/having another problem in their system, I cannot offer any warranty. Please do not leave me negative feedback if something happens to your New CBoard.

All sales are final and there are no refunds- Thanks for looking and good luck!! Check out my selection other NEW PARTS in my store!

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