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GE Genteq Condensing Fan Motor 1/12 HP 208-230 Volt 5KCP39BGY539S

GE Genteq Condensing Fan Motor 1/12 HP 208-230 Volt 5KCP39BGY539S


MOT99 303 -U1
Price: $154.99

Product Description

Condition: New

OEM/After Market: OEM

Brand: GE Genteq

Part # HC31GE234

Replaces: 5KCP39BGY539S


The Condenser Fan Motor pulls air through the condenser, cooling the freon and mechanical components. When it goes bad, the compressor will often overheat and shut off.

Models That Use This Item:

113ANA018000BAAA 113ANA018000BBAA 113ANA018000BCAA 113ANA018000BDAA 113ANA018000BEAA 113ANC018000BAAA 113ANC018000BBAA 113ANW018000BDAA 113ANW018000BEAA 113RNA018000BAAA 113RNA018000BBAA 113RNA018000BCAA 113RNA018000BDAA 113RNA018000BEAA 113RNA024000BFAA 113RNG018000BAAA 113RNG018000BBAA 113RNG018000BCAA 113RNG018000BDAA 113RNG018000BEAA 113RNG024000BFAA 116ANA018000BAAA 116BNA018000BAAA 116BNA018000BBAA 123ANA018000BAAA 123ANA018000BBAA 123ANA018000BCAA 123RNA018000BAAA 123RNA018000BBAA 123RNA018000BCAA 123RNC018000BAAA 123RNC018000BBAA 123RNC018000BCAA 126BNA018000BAAA 213BNA018000BAAA 213BNW018000BAAA 24ABA318A0030010 24ABA318A003001A 24ABA318A0031010 24ABA318C0030010 24ABB318A0030010 24ABB318A0031010 24ABB318A0032010 24ABB318C0030010 24ABB318W0031010 24ABB318W0032010 24ABB618A0030010 24ABC618A0030010 24ABC618A0031010 24ABR318A0030010 24ABR318A0031010 24ABR318A0032010 24ABR318G0030010 24ABR318G0031010 24ABR318G0032010 24ABS318A0030010 24ABS318A0031010 24ABS318G0030010 24ABS318G0031010 24ABS324A0031010 24ABS324G0031010 24ACA318A0030010 24ACA318A0031010 24ACB318A0030010 24ACC618A0030010 24ACR318A0031010 24ACR318C0030010 24ACR318C0031010 24ACS318A0030010 24ACS318C0030010 25HBC318A0030010 25HBC318W0030010 38CKD318 M 3A0 38CKD318 M 3B1 38CKD324 M 3A0 38CKD324 M 3B1 38YCD318 M 3A0 PA13NA018000ABAA PA13NA01800GABAA PA13NR018000AHAA PA13NR01800GAHAA PA13NR024000AHAA PA13NR02400GAHAA PA16NA01800GAAAA PA3ANA018000BAAA PA3ANA018000BBAA PH13NA018000ABAA PH13NA01800GABAA PH13NR018000AHAA PH13NR01800GAHAA

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